From 2014 to 2018 I was the lead product Designer on Search. Our goal was to help people find and interact with great local businesses. Including work on search results, suggestions, filters, map, transitions and actions on ios, android, and the web.

I worked on a variety of different teams including Growth, Transactions, Traffic, Core & Reservations and Food Delivery. As the 5th designer I helped grow the team by 3x, I was a mentor to new designers, helped plan Hacckathons, and building out best practices for recruiting.


Senior Product Designer


2014 - 2018


iOS, Android, Web

New Search Experience

The search team and I introduced a new, improved search experience on iOS and Android to make it easier to discover and explore businesses nearby by giving people the option to easily scroll between the list and map views of search results. In addition we added business information to the the map and made it so you can scroll through businesses.

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We redesigned the home screen of Yelps mobile app to educate new users that Yelp is a Search platform that can be used on a wide variety of categories, to make room for testing new content, to create a cohesive experience and to promote diverse and successful search experiences in a variety of verticals.

Menu and Photos in Search

One of our goals on the Search team was to improve the decision making process by exposing relevant information people need to make a decision. One of the ways we accomplished this was by including photos in the search results. We utilized our photo categories to show different types of photos (food photos, menu information, inside, outside).

Review Filtering

People have contributed a lot of great content on Yelp, including reviews. Prior to working on this project, it could be difficult to quickly understand the relevant aspects of a business, without having to read through a lot of those reviews.

This project's goal was provide a window into what users are curious about, reduce information overload and facilitate faster information discovery. With this in mind we created a quick way to filter reviews, to find what you are looking for and see what people said about it.

Map Improvments

On Search we continued to think about what information was the most valuable, when and how to show it to you. We explored how to show additional business information on the map to help you quickly and easily view and compare different types of information.

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