I have worked across a variety of surfaces on mobile, desktop and web, launching experiments and new products. I've helped build the team through interviews, developing an intern program, and mentoring others designers. Ive helped build our teams strategy through sprint planning, design sprints and running user research.


Senior Product Designer


2018 - Today


iOS, Web, Desktop

Desktop Onboarding

Our team was responsible for helping all users get setup using Dropbox during their first 28 days. We ensured desktop onboarding was a cohesive and consistent experience from the set-up wizard through specific SKU onboarding and helping launch Dropbox’s new desktop app.

Web Onboarding

We implemented a new onboarding framework that is returnable and action-focused to help users take actions over their first 28 days, which we measured as an increase in completion rate of key actions.

Family Plan

In June 2020, Dropbox launched a new Family SKU cross-platform. Our team’s goal for Family Plan was to provide a way for users to learn about the plan, purchase, join and get out of their plan across mobile and web.



Revenue Driving Projects


After sign-up we show all users an option to start a trial to get the maximum number of free signups into trials as possible. It was one of our largest revenue driving projects and allowed different teams to test out new premium features and plans.

Device Limit

Our team introduced a device limit to all Dropbox Basic users in 2019, limiting the amount of devices free users could install Dropbox on. This project delivered around $13 MM in new ARR across mobile and Desktop, one of Growths major 2019 revenue initiates. On mobile alone, Paywalls drives 67% of all upgrades.

Brand Strategy

As part of developing Dropbox’s new brand I helped design and prototype ways for Dropbox to develop a single design strategy across product and brand through color, motion and layout to:

• Set the standard for how Dropbox is expressed through design
• Create a cohesive logged out and logged in experience for users
• Ensure consistency in application across both brand and product design

Product Improvements

After getting setup with Dropbox the act of sharing feels like incremental friction. We explored how we could surface sharing options that better fit into peoples workflow to help them share their stuff more easily so that they can fully realize the value of Dropbox.