In September I joined Envoy as a contract product designer to help build features that elevate the workplace experience and help employees work from home and get back to the office. I work on the iOS and Android app as well as the admin portal on the web. In addition I am helping growth the team playing a key role in interviewing.


Product Design Contractor


2020 - Today


iOS, Android, Web


Employees are using Envoy regularly for booking desk, wayfinding, accessing doors, etc and don’t want to download another mobile app just for ticketing. Our goal was to help employees quickly report an issue from the Envoy mobile app by building a mobile ticketing solution that was fast and easy for employees to report any work-related issue.


Getting in and out of your space is a key activity that all employees need to do. Most access control systems require users to unlock a door by using a fob or badge.

We developed a unlocking feature into the Envoy mobile app that integrates with other access control platforms, like OpenPath, that allows employees to get access to and unlock nearby doors when they are approved to work in the office


We built a scheduling tool that gives employees and admins the ability to indicate which days they plan to come into the office and coordinate with other teammates by being able to search and inviting other coworkers

Branded App

Today, the Envoy mobile app is branded with Envoy’s colors and logo. Customers can brand the Kiosk app for our Visitor’s product but we don’t allow for the branding of our mobile app experience.

Our goal was to help drive higher employee adoption and form a stronger customer / employee bond by allowing organizations to have similar, cohesive and consistent experience across all of the various touch points