Jeffrey Gochman

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I am a problem solver who likes to iterate, collaborate and build. Currently working as a Product Designer at Yelp. Previously I worked for 1stdibs, Cablevision and have my Masters in Interaction Design.

At Yelp, I connect people with local businesses

Since May of 2014, I have been working as a Product Designer at Yelp. I work on most of Yelps products across multiple teams and platforms.

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Helped build the worlds leading online marketplace for beautifull things

From Aug, 2012 to Oct, 2013 I worked as an Interaction Designer at 1stdibs. I built consumer facing experiences and backend dealer-facing tools.

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A community for dog owners to talk, meet up and get to know their neighbors.

From 2013 to 2015, while getting my MFA in Interaction Design, I created a collar-based wearable for dogs to allows owners to discover, learn and connect with other dogs in their community.

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Exploration of animation, ui, and after effects

During the month of March I decided to increase my knowledge of After Effects and animation by 20 animations.

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Continuining to design, iterate, and build

I am constantly working on my craft through side projects and freelance work.

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